Welcome to the Good Fight Radio Show with Pastor Joe Schimmel, where we discuss contemporary issues in light of the Bible and how they relate to family, culture and the church.

On each show we discuss a newsworthy topic, evaluate the topic and share our position in light of the bible. We also discuss how the topic relates to family, culture and/or the church. And finally we discuss personal application and discernment related to the topic, all from a biblical perspective.

Every so often we have special guests who share their insights into special topics, such as the occult, cults, the new age, false religions, the emergent church, and more.

Finally, we answer questions from you, the listener. At this time we accept questions through our Contact Page. We also have a special toll-free number set up where you can call and leave your question: 1-866-JC-TRUTH (1-866-528-7884) Ext. 802. We will go through those questions each week and pick a question for our weekly show.

Thank you for listening and we appreciate your support!

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