iphoneSubscribe to Blessed Hope Chapel Podcasts and listen to full Sunday morning messages from Pastor Joe Schimmel on your internet connected Tablet, SmartPhone, iPod or Desktop PC when you want, wherever you want.

[Note: If you’re looking for archived shows from the Radio Show, please click on the Radio Show link in the navigation bar.]

Here’s what to do to get started… (Remember, Podcast files are large, therefore high bandwidth connections are recommended!)

1) Highlight and Copy the following link:

2) Open your favorite Podcast client software (such as Apple’s iTunes).

We recommend Apple iTunes, which can be downloaded FREE from www.apple.com.
PC Users: download the appropriate Windows version.

(Instructions below are for iTunes only!)

3) Open iTunes and go up to the “Advanced” menu (or the “File” menu in newer versions of iTunes) and select “Subscribe to Podcast…”

4) In the “Subscribe to Podcast…” window, Paste the URL you copied in Step 1 into the window and then click the “OK” button.

After clicking “OK” your subscription will be processed and iTunes will immediately begin loading in the Blessed Hope Chapel Podcast list into iTunes (inside a sub-directory titled “Podcasts” located under the “Library” section). Simply click on any message to stream that message on your desktop computer, or you can download select messages into your iPhone or iPod.

5) You may also enjoy Blessed Hope Chapel sermons on your desktop computer, iPad or iPhone through a standard web browser anywhere you have an internet connection! To listen simply use the link below: