The X-Men Agenda

May 25

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe talks about the Hollywood agenda being propagated through popular movies by gay activists and pedophiles working in the Hollywood movie industry. You’ll hear audio clips explaining the agenda that is afoot in Hollywood and the affect it has had on former child actors.

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X-Men and the Gay AgendaX-Men and the Gay Agenda

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Next week: Disney’s Maleficent

One comment

  1. Adrian Cook /

    Dear Good Fight Staff,

    I have been a BIG longtime comic book fan for many years; and even though I knew there would be gay propaganda in this film (and also hearing the allegations brought against Bryan Singer, which I believe are probably true).

    I must honestly admit I enjoyed the film but at the same time I was conflicted, and frustrated of the obvious homosexual overtones in the film; plus as important the misuse of God’ name.

    It is SADLY getting to the point where I can’t even take my family to the movies without some director pushing their TWISTED agenda. However at the same time I have to take total and full responsibility for my my actions of caving in (I’m guilty) because I could not gone to see it.

    While It’s not always easy to just say no; and now being informed/armed with the truth, I understand I have to make wiser choices with my money and time. Thank you GoodFight staff for the knowledge. Eph 5:8-13

    Adrian Cook

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