Quarterbacking for Jesus

Jan 26

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe Schimmel discusses the 2014 Super Bowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. At the center of these two teams are quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning. Is football really the most important thing in their lives or is Jesus Christ? Today’s show takes a look at the faith which drives both of these high profile athletes. As former quarterback and Super Bowl champion Kurt Warner once said, “Well, first things first, I’ve got to thank my Lord and Savior up above — thank you, Jesus!” (Interview with ABC’s Mike Tirico after Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000).

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  1. Tristan Gardner /

    Interesting facts I’ve learned… Kurt Warner openly supports gay marriage, and Russell Wilson practices yoga regularly…

    • We have found nothing which suggests that Warner “supports gay marriage.” He has defended homosexuals in a variety of situations, but that does not equal “support” of their lifestyle. We are called to love all people and lead them to Jesus. That is the only consistent message from Warner that we have found. If you have factual evidence which suggests otherwise, we are open to reviewing it. As for Russell Wilson and Yoga, ESPN reported that it was a mandated part of his team’s workout. Where Wilson stands on the issue we do not know, it *may* also be a blind spot for him. We must leave room for variables and different convictions at any given time in a person’s walk (we’re not all at the same place in our walks). We shouldn’t condemn so easily or too quickly without more solid information, keeping context in mind.

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