Death Bed Experiences [Part 2]

Jan 19

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe Schimmel continues discussing death bed experiences and the contrast between those who die in Christ with those such as atheists and those antagonistic toward God. What a glorious time it is when we pass from this life to the next when we have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Next week: Quarterbacking For Jesus

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  1. Yvonne from Sacramento /

    Wow.. I loved your teaching on “Death Bed Experience part 1 & 2”. A dear cousin of mine who was like a brother to me just passed on and I was out doing my last round of Christmas Shopping the day I heard the bad news. I was shocked and just fell apart which is normal when you get that kind of news. All I could think of up to the day of burial was “did he surrender his heart to the Lord???” I was very bothered because though we grew up in church he went wayword for the longest time. I needed some kind of peace in my heart and I cried out to the Lord in prayer. So the day of his service a pastor went up and started to ask the people if they knew the Lord. He said the word of God says if we call upon the name of the Lord we shall be saved. My cousin died of a major heart attack (very young age of 51 yrs old) and all I could hope for was that he cried out to the Lord and was saved. Afterwards a man that worked with my cousin went up and gave a few words and said he was a Christian and on many occasions at work he spoke to my cousin about God and my cousin acknowledged that he needed to get his life right. At the reception one of my cousins brothers came to me and said, “did you know he gave his life to Christ about a month ago in church, yes, he raised his hand to accept Christ”.. I couldn’t stop crying as I felt that God was giving me peace that I so longed to have. I know as a Christian how important it is to not only believe in the Lord but to follow his will and plan for our lives. I also am aware of what can happen after death if we do not believe as you mentioned in your lesson like those who in their stuborness found out the hard way. I did not want this to be the case for my cousin or anyone else to be exact. Death Bed was wonderfully put together and many shall come to the Lord through this lesson. Thank you for sharing the truth. For it is the truth that sets us free! I will be sharing this teaching on my facebook page with my family and friends. God bless you brother. Your sister in Christ.

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