Miley Cyrus-Perverted Sex Pusher? [Part 1]

Oct 27

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe Schimmel discusses Miley Cyrus and her outrageous performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Many people were stunned by Miley’s onstage antics. But was this the first time that Miley has revealed the person she’s really become? What is she really pushing to our impressionable youth?

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Next week: Miley Cyrus: Perverted Sex Pusher? [Part 2]


  1. Ms. Baptiste /

    Pastor Schimmel,

    Enjoyed listening to your show! I think that it’s competition with the homoperversionists movement that makes these women feel very insecure which compels them to sexual extremes! There’s a time and a season for everything. We have Biblical promises that we must wait on for God to bring to past. I believe that the prince of darkness, Satan, has studied the Bible quite well, but has twisted it to his own demonic purposes! Pastor, you touched on one. I believe Satan is trying to make humans rush ahead of God’s divine directive. One of those are illegal drugs. I do believe we have within us a special sensation (lack for a better word) that’s for us to enjoy when we are in God’s presence. Humans are being goated to rush ahead to try to indulge these divine pleasures with artificial stimuli. But when one talks to drug addicts, we find that they are always trying to experience once more what they touched on the first time. Those deep-seated pleasure sensations belongs to God ~ God alone. We must be patience. Isn’t that what the Bible says? Christians know that they will experience deep joy when we are finally in His presence. That’s the same reason I believe why Adam didn’t have sex with Eve until after they were separated from God’s presence because they were too enthralled basking in the awesome love of God ~ walking and talking with Him!

  2. Dan Whittington /

    Dear Joe Shimmel I found the vcr tapes “they sold their souls” in a dumpster and watched it,it was enlightening and i no longer listen to those bands.I am careful to listen to music that honors God and Christ,Amy Grant,Natalie Grant,Phil Wickham,to name a few,The most powerful message was from your interview
    with Misty and Brad Bernall,I have been encouraged by all involved especially Cassie.I now try to “live for Christ” also..Thank You sooo much God Bless.I would like to meet you and worship together.

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