Miley Cyrus [Part 2] – Perverted Sex Pusher?

Sep 15

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe Schimmel continues to discuss Miley Cyrus and her outrageous performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Many people were stunned by Miley’s onstage antics. But was this the first time that Miley has revealed the person she’s really become? What is she really pushing to our impressionable youth? And how has her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, contributed to his daughter’s new found behavior?

ALERT: We are currently working on a video clip on Miley Cyrus! Stay tuned and look for it on our official Good Fight Ministries YouTube Channel in the coming weeks!

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Next week: The Q and A Show: Blaspheming the Holy Spirit [Part 1]


  1. Hello Christian,

    Pastor Joe has a complete teaching on the Trinity called “Understanding the Trinity” which is located here:

    This would be the best way to obtain the answers you’re looking for from Joe, since he has already addressed the issues you raise.

    • Where can I find the answer to Christian’s question without having to purchase something? I don’t recall Jesus ever being called the second person in the Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all the same person. I’m very curious as to why Jesus is referred to the second person and is there something I have missed in scripture. Your direction to the answer would be appreciated and I’d be grateful. Thank you. Judy

  2. Christian /

    Bro. Joe,

    last Sunday, minute 20.15 you said that God the second person of the Trinity became man. Please, brother Joe, explain why is Jesus the second person and not the first or the third person of the Trinity. Who made that hierarchy within the Godhead? Why is the Holy Spirit the third person and not the second? How can you explain that the term GOD THE SON is nowhere in the Bible, but only the Son of God. Same thing with the term GOD the Holy Spirit. Rather, the Holy Spirit of God. In the Bible we find only the term God the Father.

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