Miley Cyrus [Part 1] – Perverted Sex Pusher?

Sep 08

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe Schimmel discusses Miley Cyrus and her outrageous performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Many people were stunned by Miley’s onstage antics. But was this the first time that Miley has revealed the person she’s really become? What is she really pushing to our impressionable youth?

ALERT: We are currently working on a video clip on Miley Cyrus! Stay tuned and look for it on our official Good Fight Ministries YouTube Channel in the coming weeks!

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Next week: Miley Cyrus: Perverted Sex Pusher? [Part 2]


  1. Pastor Luke Baptist minister /

    Absolutely a great ministry pastor Shimmo you’re the best I’ve been doing this kind of stuff since 1985 Lotta ministries have use the clips I found in the song by the Eagles one of these nights backward messages Satan had us organize our own religion we found that ministries abused it worldwide I received letters from everywhere thank you so much you keep up the good fight you’re doing a great thing hang on persecutions always going to come but the victory is ours

  2. Pastor Shimmel has slandered Disney without true knowledge of Miley’s actions and Disney’s policies. Our family is in the “industry” and I am a friend of Miley’s former godmother. I was furious when I heard Shimmel declaring things that are baseless on yesterday’s radio program. He needs to get his story straight before he proclaims things which is patently false.
    I would have called to talk directly with him, but it seems that is not an option. So all I can assume is that he has a history of castigating people and organizations without any foundation.

    • Really Vicki? are you blind to see the truth? I believe you heaven’t heard that walt Disney is part of an illuminati family and the illuminati is part of the elite and walt Disney was a pedophile and was interested in children in the wrong way so who is baseless here really? you or shimmel?

    • how blind you are Vicki even though many people who are guests of the former Hannah Montana star say this is wrong. you’re insane as the cyrus family

    • I am sorry but you are as insane as anyone who supports this behavior

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