America’s Murderous Double Standard [Part 1]

May 19

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe Schimmel discusses the double standard that many have as it relates to the murder of innocent babies in this country through abortion. The recent trial of Kermit Gosnell and his abortion clinic has raised many questions and caused many people to question their stance on abortion. When is the killing of an innocent life not murder? Why do certain circumstances lead to a verdict of murder while abortion is somehow a “woman’s right to choose”? What about the rights of the child?

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Next week: America’s Murderous Double Standard [Part 2].


  1. Nicholas Zabrodsky /

    You have been (and will continue to be) in my prayers pretty much every day. Now with this quick-paced half-hour summary radio program, may you reach an even wider audience.

    I will always be thankful for the many hours of devoted research you painstakingly conducted to produce “They Sold Their Souls…” and then later, “The Submerging Church” – especially the focus and light you succinctly shined on “U2” and our boy “Bono”. Again, FTGF is on my prayer sheet.

    Regards from Lansing, Michigan,
    Your brother in Christ,
    Nick Z.

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