Kesha the Satanic Cult Leader

Apr 28

GFR Cover ImageOn this week’s show Pastor Joe discusses one of the music industry’s pop sensations, Kesha. With a brand new MTV show called “My Crazy Beautiful Life,” many more unsuspecting youth will be pulled into her web of satanic lies through her music and her lifestyle. You’ll be shocked to hear not only clips from her songs, but also her admission to contact with demonic entities. A video is also currently in production as a companion to this radio show.

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Next week: The Boston Bombings


  1. Adrian Cook /

    Hello GoodFight Staff,

    Can you please do a expose on homosexuality, seems to becoming more prominent these days here in the West, especially now in sports (NFL and now NBA’S Jason Collins just came out) and the Boy Scouts.This in my opinion, will of course ruin sports and the Boy Scouts as we know it. Can you PLEASE bring some light to this matter. I know it’s the sign of the times.

    Thank you,

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