Joe Schimmel

Joseph Schimmel has been equipping Christians with the truth of God’s word for more than 25 years as head of Good Fight Ministries and Senior Pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, California. His testimony of the transforming power of Jesus Christ in his own life can be seen in his powerful exposé, “They Sold Their Souls for Rock & Roll,” which has been seen and heard live around the world.

Joe’s objective for Good Fight Ministries is to teach and encourage spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness, and to share important insights as they relate to biblical prophecy and the end times. Joe provides information from a biblical and spiritual worldview while carefully researching growing religious trends and ideas that attempt to undermine biblical Christianity, providing written articles and video exposés covering various trends in present pop culture.

Schimmel’s expertise in biblical studies, eschatology (end times), the occult, false teachings, and cults has made him one of the most sought after experts on these topics. This has led to many guest appearances on major Christian programming and media outlets, such as:

Eric Barger’s – Take A Stand! Radio
Jan Markell’s – Understanding the Times Radio
Dr. Stan Monteith’s – Radio Liberty
The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show
WorldNetDaily, guest columnist
Megiddo: The March to Armageddon, expert interviewee (Adullam Films)
Megiddo 2: The New Age, expert interviewee (Adullam Films)
Captivated, expert interviewee (MediaTalk101 Films)
The Real Roots of the Emergent Church, expert interviewee (Holy Bible Prophecy)
Programming the Nation, expert interviewee (Ignite Productions)

His most notable work can be seen in his documentary DVD titles (released by Good Fight Ministries):

They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll
The Submerging Church
The Emergent Church and the Bono/Screwtape Connection
Hollywood’s War on God
The Kinsey Syndrome
The Dark Secrets of Planned Parenthood
Harry Potter: A Spirit Conspiracy?
Rock n Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution